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Bioware Releases Ending Fixing DLC for Mass Effect 3

Bioware Releases Ending Fixing DLC for Mass Effect 3

by Ben RunningsApril 1, 2012

In an unbelievable move, Bioware has shared with the world the brand new ending for Mass Effect 3. You begged for it and they delivered. Bioware will be releasing a new piece of DLC, named ‘Mea Culpa,’ to completely overhaul the ending and also add a few things to some other parts of the game.

Naturally spoilers follow from this point on.

Here’s a breakdown of the new additions:

A new romance scene for every romance partner.

A true reveal of Tali’s face.

Legion and Wrex can now be squad members during the parts where they are on the Normandy.

A dramatically overhauled ending sequence that replaces the Citadel part of the ending. Details are as follows: Shepard shoots his way to the beacon and arrives on the Citadel. Shortly after that, Shepard finds a chair and a voice tells him/her to sit down to become the catalyst. Shepard is taken to the top of the Citadel as it begins to transform into a giant atlas mech for him/her to control. The Crucible swoops in and Shepard fashions it as a sword in the mech’s hands.

What follows is Shepard flying through space destroying the Reapers with the help of the remaining war assets based on how you played the game. What fleets are there will dramatically change the true final battle. Fleets can help you but could also become a liability that Shepard has to save or risk losing forever.

There is an ending where the universe loses to the Reapers.

Then, after the battle is won and to show your choices mean something, Shepard must now help divvy up the surviving races to the remaining planets with as little conflict as possible. You don’t want to start too many wars right after saving the universe now, do you?

After that you’ll get to choose how Shepard lives the rest of his/her life, including things like: profession after the war, home location, marriage, kids, how to deal with the annoying krogan neighbor, will you purchase a VI or AI security system for your house, staying true to your partner or not, how you act at the book signing for Liara and Javik, and much much more!

But that is not all! You will also get to view several minute long wrap ups for each surviving character that shows where they went after the war, if they got married, had kids, pursued political office, and etc.

I almost forgot to mention that this extensive DLC package is available right now, April 1st, for $5 on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

If this DLC doesn’t placate fans then Bioware promises to wait a couple of weeks, make another announcement, and then put out new DLC that makes this one irrelevant.

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