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UrgentFury Dust Playstation 3 Tournament | Two Weeks of Starhawk

by on April 24, 2012
Are you ready for two weeks of ? Get ready for UrgentFury and BradyGames to team up to present UrgentFury Dust. Curious to what Dust is? Dust is a two week long Starhawk tournament help exclusively for owners. This tournament is set up to give an enhanced experience to players in an environment that is cheat free. We all love playing in respectful tournaments that are cheat and hack free. Every team will battle it out online in 8-v-8 matches against each other for prizes. These matches will prepare players for the Scenario Based TacMap Tournament that will be held later this summer.
warbeginsad UrgentFury Dust Playstation 3 Tournament | Two Weeks of Starhawk
If you are interested in the tournament and compete in the Scenario Based TacMap Tournament to be held later this summer you need to compete in one of the two weeks of the UrgentFury Dust Tournament. That shouldn’t be hard to do considering how die-hard Starhawk fans can be! Once entered and matchmaking is made each team will have a scheduled mode and map assigned to them so they can experience all the that Starhawk has to offer players. The Dust tournament is to prepare teams for the new maps and tournament this summer. Winners of the six Dust events will have a secured spot in this summers tournament.
The “War Begins” May 14, 2012 and start 9pm central standard time. If you need more detailed sign up information about the tournament please visit UrgentFury.com  for more information. Prizes and additional sponsors for this will be announced soon. If you have inquiries about either please contact Shane.

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