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Regal Marvel Marathon Rings in Premiere of The Avengers on May 3

by on April 23, 2012

The new millennium has graced us with the technology to bring our favorite childhood heroes to three-dimensional life on the big screen. Comic fans can now gear up for debut of with a five movie hosted by Regal Entertainment Group on May 3.

The event will showcase the following films, shown one after another: , Iron Man 2, , and 3D, with the much anticipated The Avengers 3D wrapping up the superhero set. The duration of this one-day indulgence means ten consecutive hours of Marvel madness.

Admission to the Regal Marvel Marathon is $35. Tickets are on sale online as well as at the 76 participating Regal Cinemas, United Artists and Edwards Theaters among 26 states. Regal’s industry-leading loyalty program, Regal Crown Club, will reward its members with 20 extra more points for each ticket purchased than usually offered for items sold at the box office and concession stand. The admission, which breaks down to only $7 per movie, also includes a free small popcorn.

Senior Vice President for Marketing and Advertising at Regal Entertainment Group, Dick Westerling, is proud to be able to offer this experience to fans of the series.

[quote]“Regal invites fans of Iron Man, Thor, Captain America and all of the Avengers to feast on this series of action-packed films. We are truly celebrating the new Avengers movie with this memorable event.”[/quote]

For each movie’s starting time and participating locations by city and state, head over to http://www.regmovies.com/marvelmarathon.aspx. Click on the link for the theater near you to purchase tickets through Fandango.


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