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Halo 4 Teased on Tonight’s Episode of Conan

by on April 18, 2012

Gamers, do we watch late night talk shows? I’d speak for everyone, mostly myself, when I shout a resounding No!, because after all most of these late night shows are filled of nothing but political jargon buttered with forced humor. Now Conan is almost the preverbial breath of fresh air in the scene, and since his Uncharted 3 world premier episode last year I’ve been watching him a lot more.

Tonight’s episode is one that we should all keep an eye out for, as some goodness is being teased:



So be sure to tune in to TBS tonight, and while you wait watch this video detailing Conan’s involvement in the upcoming game icon wink Halo 4 Teased on Tonights Episode of Conan

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