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10 New Halo 4 Screenshots

10 New Halo 4 Screenshots

by Ryan SmithApril 11, 2012

More screenshots have been released by GameInformer of 343 Industry‘s first iteration on the Halo series. Many people had their doubts, but it seems that, at least graphically from these screens, they may have topped Bungie. We reported last week about the redesign of Cortana and you can see her in further detail here, and her facial animation looks amazing.

A few sites have also pointed out that the new HUD seems to have a few design concepts taken from Metroid Prime. Needless to say, this game looks absolutely stunning so far, and I cannot wait to see it in motion on my own TV later this year.

Let us know what you think of these new screens in the comments below and keep checking back to TGF for all the latest on Halo 4.

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