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Randy Pitchford Gives up the Goods on Aliens Colonial Marines

by on April 5, 2012

In a two part with Gametrailers.com, gives up the juicy details about , and lists some of the reason why this game will blow all our socks off. Personally, after witnessing the and then watching the interview. I’m highly skeptical the game will deliver on what he’s promising, but then again, the game is still unfinished and is due out sometime in Q3 2012.  

Randy definitely has his work cut out for him; I still cringe at the sounds of when those machine guns are firing. It just sounds so out of place. To see the footage I’m talking about, head over here, to see for yourself.

Randy Pitchford Interview Pt 1


Randy Pitchford Interview Pt 2

Source: Gametrailers

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