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Xbox Live Gamerscores Resetting? Here’s How to Fix It

Xbox Live Gamerscores Resetting? Here’s How to Fix It

by Ryan SmithMarch 13, 2012

It seems as though a lot of Xbox LIVE users are experiencing a problem in which their gamerscores are resetting to a whopping 0, and not because they’ve been cheating. Early word suggests that it’s a problem with the recent update allowing Xbox LIVE Arcade games to have a higher gamerscore limit.

Microsoft has made not of the problem, and on the Xbox Live Support page, a yellow banner appears with the message, “If you are experiencing issues with zero Achievements and Gamerscore, please logout and login again.”

Some users are reporting the logout-login fix isn’t working, and some are saying that deleting your profile and re-downloading it (importing) corrects the issue.

Other users have said that avatar items and props have disappeared, but none of that’s been confirmed at this point.

Have you experienced this problem? Did one of the solutions work? Let us know in the comment.

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