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Viddy’s Social Video App Partners with Facebook, Releases SXSW and Linkin Park-Themed Production Packs

Viddy’s Social Video App Partners with Facebook, Releases SXSW and Linkin Park-Themed Production Packs

by Michelle QuillenMarch 15, 2012

Facebook users can now automatically upload videos to their Timelines, News Feeds, and tickers thanks to Viddy, a mobile social app that provides recording, editing, and sharing capabilities with Final Cut-style effects and on-the-go automation with the push of a button.

Similar to photography-based applications such as Instagram and Retro Camera, Viddy users have access to one-click “Production Packages” replete with pre-set soundtracks, transitions, and special effects filters. Viddy’s comparison to built-in platforms like and for Twitter has made way for the program’s spot at the top of iTunes App Store rankings.

This year’s South By Southwest attendees can instantaneously share the sights and sounds directly from the event with Viddy’s new custom branded SXSW Production Package, which transforms recordings into a fifteen-second moving postcard sent from Austin, Texas. The bundled theme applies country music and art to clips that are titled, geo-tagged and sent to friends via

Fans of Linkin Park can also take advantage of Viddy’s latest Production Package–a collection of special effects and five soundtracks, exclusively produced for Viddy by the multi-platinum selling alt-rock band. Says primary band member, Mike Shinoda, “We’re always looking for innovative ways to connect with our fans, and Viddy provides a new and exciting creative outlet.”’

Previous Production Packages released by the app have included themes by rappers and bands such as T-Pain, Snoop Dogg, and Incubus.

CEO & Co-founder, Brett O’Brien, breaks down the importance of integrating social networks with popular names in the music industry:

[quote] “The power of Facebook Platform gives Viddy the ability to reach and engage with hundreds of millions of consumers, and enables Viddy’s content and content partners such as Linkin Park to become a key part of people’s experiences on Facebook. [It’s] the perfect app to bring to Facebook timeline, and is enabling Viddyographers to express themselves and connect with friends through social video.”[/quote]



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