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Spotted! Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD Unable To Transfar To PS Vita

Spotted! Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD Unable To Transfar To PS Vita

by Chris CalasahanMarch 26, 2012

Transfarring was supposed to be latest and greatest thing in gaming.  It was meant to allow players to transfer their games from system to system so they wouldn’t lose their progress and be able to work on the same game.  This was meant for titles such as Metal Gearl Solid: HD Collection allowing continuous play though the PSP, Vita or PS3.  However, being as new as it is, clearly it hasn’t been perfected yet as an issue has just been spotted  like a Snake in a moving box.

A reader at Joystiq has discovered that Peace Walker save content can transfer to the PSP game as promised, however it will not work when the PSP game is running for the PS Vita.   The security restrictions do not allow direct transferring of save data in the game.  This proves to be problematic as the PS Vita HD Collection does not include Peace Walker.

There are more complications with Peace Walker on a Vita.  In North America, Peace Walker is not available through the Vita PlayStation Store. Players can move it over if they already bought it already, or they can buy it through the PS3, but unfortunately players are unable to buy it from the Vita directly.  Hopefully realizations like this will help improve the Vita in the future as it sounds like Vita sounds like the handheld to own. (this coming from a Nintendo 3DS owner)

Source: Joystiq

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