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Splinter Cell Creates Fake Anonymous OS

Splinter Cell Creates Fake Anonymous OS

by Baron W.March 15, 2012

Recently, a splinter cell of hackers created a totally bogus OS claiming it to be the official one used by Anonymous members. While I found this easily to be a red herring for poor souls who wish to join the Anonymous clan. Anonymous have stated on their official twitter that the OS is completely bogus and is filled with Trojan viruses.

It seems that there is a surge of hacking communities claiming to be a part of the suit and tie wearing brotherhood, and I’m starting to believe that there is a head to this headless organization that is Anonymous. All of their activities are usually well coordinated and if history tells us anything, every army in the world in human history has had a general commanding it. So  the question remains… Where is Anon’s?

Anon Twitter: Here

Source: Here

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