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Rumor: Epic Mickey For 3DS?

Rumor: Epic Mickey For 3DS?

by Jeff SmithMarch 20, 2012

Epic Mickey was one of 2010’s most interesting games. It featured a dark twist on the classic Mickey Mouse short “Thru The Mirror”, brought back a long-forgotten character who once held the Disney marquee, and, to top it off, felt like a throwback to the early 3D platformers of the Nintendo 64 era. About a year ago, murmurings of an Epic Mickey sequel appeared, and then again earlier this month, and now it looks like we have even more to report.

This tweet appeared yesterday, courtesy of Nintendo Magazine Fr, and message board users over at NeoGaf have been going over it ever since. The tweet is in French, but after running it through a translator, it reads:

“The presentation of Epic Mickey 2 will take place next week. 3DS version, Powerof Illusion, more “classic” 2D is also planned.”
The timing of the presentation lines up nicely with previous rumblings, not to mention Warren Spector’s teasing of an “epic” new game. This version could be have the subtitle “Power of Illusion,” that, while sounding much better than a suffix of “-3D,” suggests a completely different version. Perhaps that is what “classic 2D” alludes to. All we can do now, however, is wait.
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