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Paradox Interactive at PAX East 2012

Paradox Interactive at PAX East 2012

by Greg DeVriesMarch 26, 2012

Paradox Interactive has announced today that it will be making its first appearance at PAX East this year. They will be bringing with them War of the Roses and The Showdown Effect. War of the Roses is a 3rd-person multiplayer game that takes place during England’s civil war. The game features over sixty weapons and unique kill animations. Game play modes include team based objective play as well as solo pure PVP. Paradox Interactive will be challenging PAX-goers to defend their honor and take on the team at their own game. To take the challenge, find booth#368 and prepare to fight to the death! The Showdown Effect is an upcoming 2.5D sidescrolling game (think Shadow Complex) where players take the role of their favorite action movie clique heroes and duke it out. Look for both War of the Roses and The Showdown Effect this year at PAX East, booth #368! The team is excited to meet you!

Source: Paradox Interactive

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