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Line of Defense: New Website and Beta Signups Now Live

Line of Defense: New Website and Beta Signups Now Live

by Jason ChestnutMarch 5, 2012

3000AD announced today that they have launched an all-new website for their upcoming online PC shooter Line of Defense. Players can now sign up for beta testing as well as check out new and updated game information, new screenshots, and a new trailer.

Line of Defense is a massively-multiplayer online shooter that take place in a futuristic persistent open world. Player-versus-player combat is the focus with players siding with either the GALCOM military or Insurgents in a constant battle for supremacy over four continents. Players can fight on foot, in vehicles, or aircraft, form guilds (called “Fireteams” here), and build their own bases, weapons, and vehicles.


According to the official site the game will follow a “…hybrid business model which caters to both F2P and premium models; both with access to in-game monetization.” The team behind Line of Defense will be at GDC this week and beta testing should begin later this year. For more information and to sign up for the beta, check out the brand new official site.

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