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Indie Brigade | Notion Games: Team Notion

Indie Brigade | Notion Games: Team Notion

by William HarmonMarch 29, 2012

Small Start-Up game companies are seeing more opportunity now than ever before. Notion Games is one of these Start-Ups. These groups shouldn’t come as any surprise in today’s indie environment, so instead of focusing on the fact that they’re a bunch of guys following their dream, I’m going to focus on what they’ve got to give us. At the moment, that is Team Notion.

Team Notion is a “2D side scrolling beat ’em up”. The classic example I use of this genre is Streets of Rage. A great game to be sure, but these games used to be rather popular in the Arcade setting. However, as Notion Games points out in their Kick Starter video, this genre has fallen by the wayside.

If you don't remember this, trust me, it was awesome.


Why is this? Well, that’s not for me to say, but I know that these guys are taking a cool approach to the genre.

Traditional beat ’em ups took themselves quite seriously most of the time.

This being the exception... ridiculous.

Notion Games, however, is taking a much more fun approach. Utilizing an artistic approach that is clearly inspired by modern television cartoons, Team Notion looks like it hits on all of the most appealing aspects of this genre.

If you’ve an interest in lots of good old fashion clobberin’, be it fueled by nostalgia or not, Notion Games could be a group to keep your eyes on, at the very least.

It's got an interesting style and is pursing a genre built on a solid history.

If you’re interested, go check them out on Kick Starter:

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