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GDC 2012 | The Secret World’s Secrets Revealed

GDC 2012 | The Secret World’s Secrets Revealed

by Jason ChestnutMarch 17, 2012

The developers behind Funcom’s forthcoming modern MMORPG The Secret World were at this year’s Game Developers Conference. They presented over a half hour worth of gameplay, showcasing many of the game’s core features and mechanics. We get our first look at the hub city of Seoul, Korea, headquarters for the Dragon, one of the three secret societies that players can align themselves with. Previous presentations have showcased the game’s other societies: the Illuminati and the Templars.

Gamespot was able to get video of the entire live demo which includes presentations from Senior Producer/Creative Director Ragnar Tørnquist, Lead Content Designer Joel Bylos and Lead Designer Martin Bruusgaard. You can check out the full video here.

Unlike most MMO’s that take place in either a fantasy or sci-fi setting, The Secret World is grounded in the modern world. Players align themselves with one of three secret societies each with their own agenda and methods towards controlling the world. In The Secret World, every myth, legend and conspiracy is real, so players will find themselves up against everything from vampires and zombies to more otherworldy Lovecraftian type nightmares.

The Secret World is scheduled to launch for PC on June 19th. For more info on the game and the chance to sign up for beta testing, check out the official site. Keep checking back here on The Game Fanatics for continuing coverage on this and other upcoming games, comics, movies and technology.

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