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EA’s Next Round Of Server Shutdown Includes Online Pass

EA’s Next Round Of Server Shutdown Includes Online Pass

by BaileyMarch 19, 2012

“Never say never,” is a term starting to disappear from most things when being promised the opposite from companies to buy their product.

EA has announced the latest round of server’s support they are shutting down. Many may be surprised that some servers being shutdown are “Online Pass” purchased titles.

Burnout Revenge, FIFA 10, The Godfather II, Need for Speed ProStreet and The Saboteur are on the chopping block but has been around for some time with their online numbers showing reason.

Many will be surprised to see EA MMA on the list, which had come with an “Online Pass” for new buyers but had to be purchased if buyers acquired it second hand with the pass already used. The game itself has only been out 18 months and while some may be irate, closures like this are covered in the license agreement everybody ignores and agrees to when redeeming online passes.

Another shocker is the XBLA and PSN title Spare Parts, which has only been out for roughly 15 months.

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