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EA Suspends Development on Battlefield 3: Aftershock

EA Suspends Development on Battlefield 3: Aftershock

by DaJuan HarrisMarch 2, 2012

Not to long ago EA pulled Battlefield 3: Aftershock from the iOS app store after many gamers made complaints over the gameplay and overall quality of the game. Fans of the game were led to believe that EA would re-make the game and then re release it in a better state. As it turns out EA was looking to make the game better but they have just confirmed that they will be suspending development on the mobile title. A statement was released by the company explaining their decision.

“In the interest of bringing consumers only the highest level of quality mobile entertainment, EA Mobile has decided to suspend development and support of Battlefield 3: Aftershock and refocus its resources on other titles. The Aftershock servers will be live through March 31st, 2012, and customers who have already downloaded the game can continue to play until then.”

There is still hope for the game and there is a small possibility in my opinion that EA may be looking at developing the game for a newly released handheld (wink wink). For now if you already downloaded the game just continue to enjoy it.

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