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The Comic Fanatic – Week of 3/28: Avengers VS X-Men, X-Men Legacy, Uncanny X-Force and X-23

The Comic Fanatic – Week of 3/28: Avengers VS X-Men, X-Men Legacy, Uncanny X-Force and X-23

by Greg DeVriesMarch 29, 2012

Welcome True Believers!  The Comic Fanatic here, with your weekly dose of comic goodness. If you haven’t yet, check out my review of Avengers VS X-Men #0. While we’re on the subject, let’s talk about Avengers VS X-Men. As I mentioned in my review, here are the comics that we will be covering (as they pertain to the big event):

  • Avengers VS X-Men
  • A VS X
  • Wolverine and the X-Men
  • Uncanny X-Men
  • X-Men Legacy
  • Avengers

So look for these reviews as they come out. We’ll try to have a spoiler-free section at the beginning of each review, then go into spoilers towards the end where they’ll be easy to skip. This is Marvel’s big event for the year, so we’ll be giving it appropriate coverage. Also this week, in addition to #0, I picked up X-Men Legacy # 264  and Uncanny X-Force #23. Legacy #264 is another good issue. It’s not amazing, but it’s good, which pretty much sums up Legacy. It’s usually not amazing, apart from a few big events like Age of X, but it’s usually pretty good, and I really like it. It’s fun, and this issue brings in Mimic (Cal Rankin), who was a major character in the original Exiles, which is a favorite series of mine. It’s an interesting issue, and centers around Rogue, Gambit, Rachel Grey and Frenzy at the school, so there’s cameos aplenty.

Uncanny X-Force #23 wraps up the Otherworld saga, for which some people will be relieved. I think that many people don’t like it because it’s not as good as the Dark Angel Saga. I’ll agree that it isn’t, but it still is fun, and harkens back to Excalibur with Brian and Meggan. I have enjoyed it, but am looking forward to what’s next, which appears to be going after AoA Bobby Drake (who is many times more powerful than Iceman). Also, the art is polarizing. Some people hate it, I rather like it. Still, curious to see what’s next, as X-Force won’t be part of Avengers VS X-Men.

Other than that, I picked up a back issues of X-23’s solo run that I had been missing. I really have been enjoying it. I really like X-23 as a character. I feel that she has grown beyond being simply another Wolverine clone (despite the fact that she is). Her time with the New X-Men (Childhood’s End) and X-Force were some really great outings, and her solo run, despite a rocky start, has turned out to be a great deal of fun. It’s also been rather beautiful. Takeda’s art has been really magnificent. Truly some of the most gorgeous that I’ve seen.

Stay tuned next week for the true start of Avengers VS X-Men. Exciting times ahead! Until next time, True Believers!

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