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Angry Birds Space Hits the Mark with 10 Million Downloads

Angry Birds Space Hits the Mark with 10 Million Downloads

by Michelle QuillenMarch 26, 2012

Shortly after reaching the top spot in Apple’s App Store the day after its release, Angry Birds Space has launched to yet another milestone of 10 million downloads, as announced this morning via the Angry Birds Twitter account.

Available for $2.99 from the iOS App Store and $5.95 for the PC version, Rovio’s latest release has the Angry Birds exacting their revenge for the theft of their eggs in the zero gravity environment of outerspace. The 10 million download mark was achieved just three days from its March 22 debut.

The App Store, which now describes Angry Birds Space as “#1 in 99 countries”, lists regular free updates, brand new birds, and brand new superpowers among the new game’s features.

To join the millions who are now gallivanting the mobile game’s galaxy, download Angry Birds Space at

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