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Razer IS Making a Left-Handed Naga

by on March 30, 2012

Razer CEO Ming-Liang Tan announced via his about a week back that would make a left-handed Naga, provided that fans “liked” the post 10K times within a month. The ‘ likes’ would prove that there would be ample support for the lefty Naga, so that Razer wouldn’t lose out on money in producing a left-handed mouse.

After a few days, it seemed that there was some doubt was to whether or not the lefty Naga would be produced. Tan posted a follow-up on his Facebook, mentioning that there seemed to be concerns from left-handed Razer fans that they didn’t need or want a lefty mouse.

Whatever the negative feedback for the lefty Naga, Razer got its 10K likes today on Facebook. In less than a week. Razer, I think there’s definitely enough support for the left-handed Naga for it to sell. Still, it’s easier to click a “like” button than to shell out $80 for a gaming mouse.

Lefties, no longer will you have to stick to the societal norm and be forced to adapt to right-handed gaming mice (although I’m pretty sure you’ve probably already done so, considering Razer’s the only company to have previously created a left-handed mouse.) You’ll be waiting for a year, according to Tan, but he’s promised that the left-handed Naga will be produced.


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