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People Now Use Xbox More for Services like Netfilx than Playing Online Games

by on March 28, 2012

Do you still use your for games? Get with the times you old fogey!

A new study has revealed that the average household spends 84 hours a month on . And over half of that time is spent watching videos or listening to music, not playing online games.

Most people are probably surprised by this revelation, but not me. Given the proliferation of services like and how most people don’t spend their nights killing noobs in Call of Duty, it makes sense.

The 84 hour number is up by 30% from only a year ago but is still far away from the average time a household spends watching TV in a month(150 hours).

This announcement comes right after Microsoft added the HBO Go app to the Xbox on Tuesday. Microsoft plans on adding more and more services like this as time goes on and there are currently 36 different entertainment apps on the Xbox.

The Xbox is quickly becoming the nation’s media hub and I can’t argue that that is a bad thing.

Source: L. A. Times

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