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New Cinematic Trailer for Risen 2: Dark Waters

by on March 26, 2012

To further whet our appetite for swashbuckling adventure, and have released a new cinematic trailer for : Dark Waters. Giant sea monsters, wenches, eye-patches and swordplay abound in this sequel that has you once again taking on the role of the unnamed hero from the original Risen on a quest to save the harbor city of Caldera. In contrast to the first game’s more traditional fantasy style, Risen 2 is all about the pirate theme, from the costumes, weapons, ships and undoubtedly lots of guys saying “Arrrrgh!”

Check out the new trailer here!

Risen 2: Dark Waters will be available for the and PlayStation 3 on May 22 in North America and April 27 for Windows . For more info check out the game’s official site, the official Facebook page, or follow them on Twitter. For more coverage on this and other games, tech, and movies, keep checking back here on Game Fanatics!

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