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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Meets Mass Effect Via New DLC

by on March 21, 2012

players in Japan are going to get their chance to outfit both Serah and Noel in themed N7 armor via new . As seen in the screenshot below, the armor is very much like the iconic armor worn by Commander Shepard in ’s massively popular sci-fi trilogy. Famitsu.com recently posted the first details of this new DLC.  This announcement comes on the heels of the revelation of an Assassin’s Creed themed costume for Noel also due to be released as DLC. However, according to the official press release from Square-Enix (as originally reported on Joystiq) a release date for that particular piece of DLC will be revealed at a later time.

sidebyside Final Fantasy XIII 2 Meets Mass Effect Via New DLC

A side by side comparison.

In the meantime, Japanese players can shell out 300 yen or 240 Microsoft Points for the N7 armor on March 27. No word on when the DLC will be available in the US as of yet. Stay Tuned to Game Fanatics for more coverage on these and other games, and tech.

(Source: Famitsu, Joystiq, Siliconera)

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