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by on March 18, 2012


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  • Desmarais

    can you phone a 090 range from a cell phone?
    ALSO I require to know I am in the usa, but would like to know if by default all bt landline telephones are automatically blocked for calling 090 numbers, and also is there a cost-free time period right after you get in touch with a 090 range in the course of which you can hang up without having currently being charged?

  • Elinor Tuten

    This is a premium fee telephone quantity in the UK, provided by Syntec UK Ltd. This phone has been manufactured from my residence and I never ever produced this kind of a call. How do I establish whose or which company’s cellphone range this is with no currently being billed at all? Anyone with any idea,please tell me!!!! Ver critical for me!
    My number is a landline number. we previously have an itemised bill. I know from prior to that it is charged at £1.15pm. I cant contact from any place else as I have no scope. i wished to know whether it is a voting line or chatting line, just the explanation where any individual may possibly have named it. whether there was a possiblity that it was a rerouted contact from a minimally charged number/free mobile phone number. Many Thanks for you answers, all of you! Please feel free of charge to recommend any qualified answer!
    yes, i have tried using google and all publicly obtainable free of charge telephone directory…but the figures are normally not the types that commence with 090 that is premium rated ones

  • Patrick

    moving in the same direction at a speed of 3.60 m/s. Assume a perfectly elastic collision and take the initial direction of the balls as positive.
    What is the velocity of the tennis ball after the collision?

  • Joe M

    pleeeaassseee help meeee

  • Harriet W

    The current in a 0.090 H solenoid increases from 10.0 mA to 160.0 mA in 7.0 s. Find the average emf in the solenoid during that time interval.