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US Internet Providers Start Policing Traffic July 12

by on March 15, 2012

US Internet providers including Comcast, Cablevision, Verizon and Time Warner Cable will begin policing the internet they provide, searching for digital pirates and illegal file-sharers. RIAA chief executive Cary Sherman has said these ISPs will be ready July 12th. Each one will work a little differently, depending on their current architecture, but the goal is the same: to stop . They will also keep track of repeat offenders, so if you seed a lot of torrents, watch out. Offenders face fines, bandwidth throttling and suspension of service.

Folks, this isn’t great news. The RIAA is now placing the responsibility of finding pirates on the ISPs, and it seems that although for a while they resisted, now they’ve agreed to comply with the RIAA’s demands. The RIAA have made it too easy for themselves. All they have to do now is receive names from ISPs, and write threatening letters. Of course, any time the RIAA pulls a stunt like this, groups like Anonymous and other are bound to respond, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens next. Stay posted. These are interesting times in the life of the Internet.

Source: bgr.com

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