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Apple Hits a Homerun with Launch of MLB.com’s At Bat 12

by on March 14, 2012

As one of only two that have been inducted into the Halls of Fame for , , and Macworld, MLB.com At Bat set a new record with its fifth edition’s release on the same weekend that the Store met a 25 billion milestone.

With such as radio broadcasts of Spring Training games, breaking , schedules, interactive rosters and enhanced video library archives, MLB.com’s At Bat ranks at the top of the highest grossing apps on both iPhone and iPad since its debut in 2008.The non-gaming sports app also earned the same recognition last year for its popularity on both devices.

At Bat 12’s arrival has drawn 2.9 million accesses and 450,000 live audio and video streams, boasting a respective 132% and 83% jump for each category over the first weekend of 2011’s Spring Training games.

Premium subscribers to MLB.TV can use their account credentials to get At Bat 12 for free, while iPhone and iPad users can pay a monthly $2.99 fee with automatic billing.



For more information, visit http://www.MLB.com.



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