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New Heaven DX 11 Benchmark Available Today

by on March 8, 2012

Unigine released an improved version (3.0) of its renown Heaven DX11 based on its proprietary UNIGINE™ engine. Great looking as ever and containing many technical improvements, it now runs on and supports for variety of new hardware, including extended support for multi-monitor configurations.

A few years ago the graphical benchmarking tool used to test the performance of new video cards (GPU) was . But as technology progressed and video cards became more powerful using Crysis as a benchmarking tool became asinine.  Not to mention the fact that it wouldn’t be stress testing the new that would’ve been created in new video cards. Things like 11 (DX 11) for example. Since that time, new and more powerful graphical testing utilities became available. Things like the Heaven Benchmark for example.  The Heaven Benchmark is a video cards worst nightmare, and is known to make cards overheat and just plain tap out.


What’s New?

  • Added Mac OS X version compatible with 10.7+ (no tessellation).
  • Added support for Intel HD 3000 GPU (no tessellation).
  • Improved support for multi-monitor configurations.
  • Added support for NVIDIA 3D Surround (multi-monitor stereo 3D).
  • Enhanced NVIDIA 3D Vision support.
  • New cross-platform launcher without .NET dependencies.
  • Fixed Phoronix Test Suite compatibility issue.
  • Fixed minor visual artifacts.
  • Improved compatibility with Mesa drivers.
  • Improved detection of new .

Unigine Heaven 2.0 Benchmark (DirectX 11 with hardware tessellation)

[stream provider=youtube flv=http%3A//www.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3D0HWZKGZcKoA img=x:/img.youtube.com/vi/0HWZKGZcKoA/0.jpg embed=false share=false width=640 height=360 dock=true controlbar=over skin=stormtrooper.zip bandwidth=high autostart=false /]


Heaven” is a picturesque benchmark in a steampunk setting. Its key features are:

  • Heavy GPU load, extreme hardware stability test.
  • Support of DirectX 9, DirectX 10, DirectX 11 and OpenGL 4.0.
  • Comprehensive use of hardware tessellation technology (3 presets).
  • Advanced ambient occlusion.
  • Dynamic global illumination.
  • Volumetric cumulonimbus clouds of high physical fidelity.
  • Simulation of day-night shift and changing light conditions.
  • Dynamic sky with light scattering.
  • Interactive experience with fly/walk-through modes.
  • Support of NVIDIA SLI and ATI CrossFire technologies.
  • Stereo 3D modes:
  • Anaglyph
  • Separate images
  • 3D Vision
  • 3D Surround
  • iZ3D
  • Support of multi-monitor configurations.
  • Based on the latest, most advanced version version of powerful UNIGINE engine.

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