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Borderlands 2 | Engaging Enemies

by on March 7, 2012

If you played enough you would know that at some times in the game you got really bored running around the map looking for a bad ass enemy to attack. Some of the enemies when you aggravated them would follow you for a little bit, which is normal. You don’t want a glitched mob following you around a map harassing you when you are in a hurry. According to , the people behind Borderlands and made a statement that the enemies in Borderlands 2 will be “toughened up” and no so dumb.

Gamers complained enough and Gearbox listened. Players felt that a majority of the enemies in Borderlands were stupid, simple and their behavior was too predictable. This I feel is a matter of opinion… and skill level of the player. With promises that there will be an improvement in the enemy tactics and how they engage combat with the player and/or group will be interesting in Borderlands 2.

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