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Tekken Makes 3D Debut with Tekken 3D Prime Edition

Tekken Makes 3D Debut with Tekken 3D Prime Edition

by Jake ValentineFebruary 15, 2012

Ready to bring the King of the Iron First Tournament into ? sure thinks you are, as they’ve shipped out 3D Prime Edition out today for the .

The latest entry in the Tekken series promises to fully use everything available from the handheld, touting 60 fps, 3D visuals, Street Pass functionality, and Wi-Fi capabilities.

Gamers looking for their fighting fix in the third dimension and on the go have already had several choices since the launched last year, with entries in the Dead or Alive, Street Fighter, and BlazBlue franchises, just to name a few.

will run you $39.99 and is rated “T” for Teen.

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