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MW3 Content Season Starts for the PlayStation Network

MW3 Content Season Starts for the PlayStation Network

by 8 Bit BritFebruary 29, 2012











PlayStation Network gamers it’s finally here! The start of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 content season for Call of Duty Elite “premium” members has begun! The first two of the maps have dropped called “Piazza” and “Liberation” two very detailed and exciting maps to explore. You might recognize parts of both of these maps to resemble parts of Italy and NYC. “Liberation” has very similar features to Central Park in downtown NYC. A long range sniper map, be prepared to avoid those sneaky snipers on this map. “Piazza” is a close quarter, close range map of what seems to be a maze of stairs at first. Danger can be found at almost every turn on this beautiful Italian sea side town map.

Since the PlayStation Network doesn’t get the first release of the maps like Xbox Live users do, you can expect another map called “Overwatch” to be released March 29th, another great NYC map that takes place on top of a high-rise in the city. If you aren’t a Call of Duty Elite premium member yet, you are missing out on some really great content before the rest of the community gets it!

Stay tuned to more news and updates about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 with The Game Fanatics!

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