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Get Minecraft World Explorer For the Hefty Price of Nothing

Get Minecraft World Explorer For the Hefty Price of Nothing

by David GeesonFebruary 2, 2012

Dedicated Minecraft players, do you ever find yourself wondering what’s on the other side of the map but have no time to find out? Do you have long and boring journeys that you spend fantasizing about those mystical, unexplored places? Fear no more my friend, there’s now an app for that.

Minecraft World Explorer  is an app from Robots and Pencils that allows you to import your full sized worlds onto iPhones, iPads and selected Android devices for exploring on the go. For a limited time only you can now get the app for the low, low price of nothing. That’s right….absolutely free?

Clearly this is too good to pass up! To satisfy your sudden urge to play Minecraft  in public places you can head here!

In addition to this Robots and Pencils’ have also discounted their recent physics based puzzler Catch The Princess, it’s now available for only $0.99! For that you can head here.


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