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Ghost Rider Co-Director to Adapt Twisted Metal Movie?

Ghost Rider Co-Director to Adapt Twisted Metal Movie?

by Jasdeep SahotaFebruary 15, 2012

Sony Pictures are reportedly negotiating a “7-figure deal” with Ghost Rider co-director Brian Taylor to write and direct a big screen adaptation of the Twisted Metal series. Taylor is no stranger to high-octane action having worked on both Crank movies, 2009’s Gamer and the recent adaptation of Jonah Hex. Marvel producers Avi and Ari Arad are also reported to be involved in the project. The pair are apparently working on an Uncharted movie too, so another Sony tie-in wouldn’t be all that surprising.

Fans of the series will probably hold some reservation over Taylor’s involvement- most of his movies have been distinctly average – but they’ll probably still harbour some hope if original creators David Jaffe and Scott Campbell could somehow lend their hands.

Nothing is known about the adaptation at present, but it’s safe to say that series icon Sweet Tooth will be making an obligatory appearance. His synonymy with the game’s brand simply demands it. Interestingly, the newest Twisted Metal title – which was recently launched on the PS3– used a heavily stylised pulp-horror aesthetic that could conceivably be borrowed by its future big screen brother.

From an overall perspective though, it seems risky for Sony to be dropping seven figures on a popular but still relatively niche video game franchise- especially after forecasting a $2.9 billion dollar loss for the full year. Of course it’s important to cultivate brands across multiple mediums, but surely there are more focused and secure ways of investing such a large amount of money?

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