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Clan Ops Drops

Clan Ops Drops

by BlackKrystelFebruary 21, 2012

The testing is finally over!

Clan Operations are now available for Call of Duty ELITE users on the Xbox 360 and PS3. Along with the new content Overwatch (available today on Xbox 360), Clan Operations are now live for all ELITE users on the Xbox 360 and PS3.  Enlistments for Clan Operations are now live on the ELITE Program Guide as well, so head over and rally your clan mates.

If you’re in a clan, your clan rank now shows up in game above your title in Modern Warfare 3

Clan Operations

Similar to lone wolf operations in that they score premium players for certain stats in certain game modes for specific amounts of time. Operations can range from “Most Team Deathmatch Kills” to “Most Captures in Domination,” and award real prizes and ELITE badges.

The differences between clan operations and lone wolf operations are that clan operations score members of clans instead of independent players, and clan operations award Clan XP.

To participate in a clan operation, you need to be a premium member of a clan and your clan’s leader must enlist your clan before the operation has started. If you are a free ELITE member, you can still play alongside your clan mates during operations, but only premium members are scored when determining your clan’s ranking



Clan operations award clans that finish in the bronze tier or higher. Rewards such as badges that are displayed in your clan’s showcase and Clan XP. If your clan wins a champion badge in a prized operation, the players that finished in the top six of your clan for that operation will receive real prizes.

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