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AMD Prescribes Verdetrol 1GHz

by on February 11, 2012

Feeling sluggish? Not performing up to your usual standards? Not as quick on your feet as you used to? In your case, prescribes Verdetrol 1GHz. Take one tablet by fan intake, four times a day, and you should be back to your old noob-fragging self.

This looks to be a rather clever marketing tactic for what is likely to be ’s next video card, clocked at 1GHz. This could be the  Radeon HD 7770, hopefully released this year. The bottle reads:

Never Settle for Average Performance. Get a natural performance enhancement for your with Verdetrol! Verdetrol’s patented 1GHz fast-release formula delivers strong, vigorous performance when you need it most. Ask your computer specialist if Verdetrol is right for you! REAL RESULTS! Fictional couples everywhere agree that the new 1GHz Verdetrol FR formulation has made the difference when every ounce of performance matters. Man or woman, young or old, Verdetrol is the solution for anyone looking to get an edge when the heat is on!

I am a recently convert to the AMD fold, having been an NVIDIA guy for a long time. This could be very exciting. At the very least, it’s an interesting marketing ploy. Ask your local computer guy if Verdertrol is for you!

Source: Legit Reviews

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