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Alan Wakes American Nightmare Developer Diary Talks Pulp

by on February 6, 2012

It’s just a few short weeks until the release of Alan Wakes American Nightmare as part of this years ’ promotion. This standalone incarnation of ’s ’s American Nightmare looks to shake up the original title with it’s new and improved mechanics.

This developer diary gives us a unique new look at this stand-alone XBLA title, straight from the mouth of the developers themselves. It’s noticeable that this iteration of the franchise has a totally different approach from the original, to quote the developers themselves:

[quote]Alan Wake was Steven King and Lost, Alan Wakes American Nightmare is more Quentin Tarantino [/quote]

To get a good look at what to expect come the 22nd of February check out the trailer below. For extra fun watch the background during the dialogue… seriously.

[stream provider=youtube flv=http%3A//www.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3Dl4mUzvRUY_I%26feature%3Dyoutu.be img=x:/img.youtube.com/vi/l4mUzvRUY_I/0.jpg embed=false share=false width=640 height=360 dock=true controlbar=over skin=stormtrooper.zip bandwidth=high autostart=false /]

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