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Fanatical Five: Top 5 Female Cosplay

Fanatical Five: Top 5 Female Cosplay

by David GeesonJanuary 23, 2012

Welcome to the inaugural edition of TGF’s Fanatical Five! This is a weekly post where we’ll be taking you through a top 5 list of something that’s relative to your interests, be it cosplay, games, movies or foodstuffs. Each week we’ll aim to bring you the best of the best in each specific category.

As this is the first edition of Fanatical Five we figured that we’d start with something simple, popular and relative – naturally we picked cosplay. Unlike most sites “top 5 got cosplay” lists we aimed to do this a little differently, instead of just going for the skimpiest costume or the largest…assets, we decided to go for most authentic cosplay. We scoured the internet for 5 examples of female cosplay done right, done so right that others need not apply. Although this didn’t prove to be as easy as we figured we worked at it and we have 5 fantastic examples for you today. Rather than keep you waiting let’s dive straight in at number 5!


5. The Baroness

The first entry in our list may not be one of the more obvious choices, but just look… could we not include her? Remember when sienna miller played her in the film? yeah… they got that TOTALLY wrong. This is who should of been playing the part, I don’t care about here acting credentials.


4. Jack

Jack’s an odd character, she’s not the most obvious paramour choice in Mass Effect 2 but she still came out as one of most well developed characters from the game. Why did she make our #4 spot? Because of the fantastic level of detail in the costume and the sheer uncanny nature of her looks. You can cosplay as Jack without a great deal of effort, but this is the reason why you should put the effort in; the result is almost flawless.

3. Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a character all about subtlety. Her makeup uses soft tones of red and white and her outfit is simple with complex areas. All of which has never been done properly until now. The cosplayer absolutely nailed the cosplay of Elizabeth from Bioshock: Infinite, her hair is perfect, her outfit is perfect, heck even her posture and facial expression is…perfect. The only thing you can add to this beautiful cosplay is the bird swooping down and whisking her away back to her tower.


2. C. VIper

Crimson Viper or C.Viper for short was one of those cosplays where its too easy to mess up. But you’d be surprise how many images we went through of people doing it half-ass or just plain out wrong. And after what had  to be 4 hours we came across this one. This is the best C.Viper cosplay we seen of her hands down. Some people are made to cosplay certain characters, and she was made to cosplay as C.Viper hands down.

1. Lightning

Why did lightning make #1 you may ask? It’s because they some how managed to Scan a digital character from a video game and place them in the real world. From her outfit to her facial structure everything is just spot on. There was no other choice except for lightning to be #1 in this list of  Top 5 Fanatical cosplay’s.


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