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CES 2012: XtremeMac introduce Tango TT, Charger and Speakers for iOS devices

by on January 11, 2012

XtremeMac, known for designing accessories for devices, showed off their newest product today, the Tango TT. A combination charger and speakers, it is designed to fit all devices. The connector is flexible and will allow for devices to rest in both portrait and landscape orientations. Additionally, the back support can be raised and lowered for viewing at multiple angles. With a downloadable app, the Tango TT doubles as a mobile pictures frame, pulling in not only pictures, but also album art, and information from social media feeds such as Facebook and Twitter. The Tango TT also an aux plugin for other audio players to make use of the speakers.

XtremeMac has a history of solid accessories, and the Tango TT looks especially interesting. Look for it during the summer of this year.

Source: Max Borges Agency

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