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Undead Labs Reveals More About The Healing Process of ‘Class 3′

Undead Labs Reveals More About The Healing Process of ‘Class 3′

by David GeesonOctober 24, 2011

Here at TheGameFanatics we’re excited by anything new, excited by innovation, and we sure as hell are excited by zombies. Hence why Undad Labs ‘Classs 3′ project is so appealing to our sensibilities. So when any information arises we get pretty excited, especially when that news is a bigger reveal at some of the key game play mechanics of the game, let’s explore shall we?

So this weeks Undead Labs update was a long awaited Q & A on some of the health and damage mechanics to be featured in the upcoming release, some of the revelations aren’t our of the ordinary, but some are just plain awesome.

Aside from learning that the only sure way to take down a Zed is with a headshot, we learnt that the game will feature a health bar, but only for your character. There’ll be an in-depth fatigue system that’s based off the weight of objects you’re carrying, making every supply run that little bit more strategic, and possibly more tense.

An interesting idea to come from the Q&A was the depth of character interactions, in zombie games it’s usual not to get attached to your NPC buddies because in all likelihood, they’ll die. Undead Labs make it seem like if that was to happen, you may be upset:

One of our goals is to have a deep storyline and rich setting, so it’s quite possible that you’ll get attached to characters you meet. It probably depends on how sentimental you are. ;)

This news excites me more than any number of fatigue systems and health bars, mainly because it sets a serious, melancholic, tone to the game. Something that could be argued to be deeply lacking from the zombie genre.

In other awesome news, we got a first look at some of the facts around building that all important base, As expected it’s never quite as simple as you’d like in a Zed apocalypse. First off making a stronghold will cause noise (obviously) and will likely attract any nearby Zeds, meaning your defenses will get a trial by fire pretty quickly. They also gleaned some interesting properties of your NPC’s and in fact your own character:

On the other hand, having people around who know something about construction is something the game takes into account.

Okay, so it’s only a small mention, but potentially important. The developers have already mentioned their intentions to include skill based mechanics, now we can see how they might be implemented. Being a doctor, ar at least having one around, could save your life it seems. Whilst having some experience with construction might make those defenses that little bit stronger, something i’m sure is an important factor.

To round off this weeks announcements we got some new details on the death/re-spawns system. Now if you’ll recall from last weeks round-up ‘Class 3′ will feature a perma-death system. So how hard exactly is it to die in this game? well Undead Labs had this to say:

Yes. If you’re defeated by zombies, you have a chance of being “rescued” and waking up somewhere safe. Since zombification isn’t an instant thing, they’ll take you back to a safe place to allow you to regroup before you go out into the world again.

As Phinney implied in the article, though, you wouldn’t want to keep putting this to test over and over. They won’t always get to you in time.

Certainly an interesting choice, it seems like being overrun by Zed’s may be a common occurance, perhaps it’s something inevitable? Either way you’ll have a chance of scraping your way through one or two unlucky encounters, but not all of them.

As ever Undead Labs have done a fantastic job of giving us just enough information to fuel the inner fanboy, but not enough to ruin anything or give away the game, so to speak. I look forward to next weeks update from the ‘Class 3′ developers and i hope you’ll stick with TGF each week as we try and decode the sometimes cryptic announcements!

Remember you can head over to the Undead Labs blog to check out the weekly updates for yourself

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