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HTC Rezound Poses For The FCC Again With A Wireless Charging Back Cover

HTC Rezound Poses For The FCC Again With A Wireless Charging Back Cover

by DaJuan HarrisOctober 29, 2011

Earlier this week we reported that Taiwanese Cellphone Manufacture HTC is holding a press event in conjunction with Beats by Dr. Dre. The HTC Rezound  is expected to make an appearance at this event, which takes place on November 3rd.  The device has been rumored to feature Beats Audio integration, and since the event has a Beats by Dr. Dre logo on the flier it would make sense that the device would be officially unveiled at the event. Even though we may have a jump on what might be included in the phone we may have found something that wasn’t included in the phone original appearance at the FCC, and that is the device will feature a wireless charging back cover.

This is not the first time that The Rezound has been to the FCC, but this reappearance is special because the device was submitted with a “Change Letter”. Based on the letter, it appears that the device will remain the same, with absolutely no changes whatsoever, which suggests that the wireless charging back will be sold separately as an accessory. What do you think about this latest addition would you pay for it? For more information on this or any other device stay tuned to The Game Fanatics.

Source: FCC, droid-life 

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