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Hot Men Want You to Touch Your Boobs This October

Hot Men Want You to Touch Your Boobs This October

by David GeesonSeptember 22, 2011

The brains behind the 2009 viral sensation “Save The Boobs” have stepped up once again with another ingenious campaign for breast cancer awareness month. This time reminding you to show your boobs some TLC.

In celebration of the 10th year anniversary of national breast cancer awareness month, rethink communications are planning to release an iPhone and android app that will handily remind you to check your boobs. The App, entitled “Your Man Reminder”, will pop up and remind you to provide your boobs with TLC. TLC obviously standing for Touch, Look and Check. Three steps vital in the early detection of breast cancer.

The App will let you pick from a range of popular favourites, ensuring that the man of your dreams is the one reminding you. You’ll be able to choose anything from “Boy Next Door” to “Business Man”. Get Your Man Reminder on the App Store this October, with like:

  • Customize- Update the App to fit your personal liking, with features that let you chose your man, his pose and more.

  • Hot Messages- You’ll love the attention your man gives to you, with messages like “Any guy would be lucky to have you” and “Give your breasts some TLC.”

  • Reminders- Tailor your calendar schedule with settings for weekly, monthly or surprise reminders directed by a sexy man of your choice.

  • Education- The App includes a special “signs and symptoms” tab to hone in on the importance of early detection.

  • Get Checked- Use a variety of scheduling options such as doctors’ appointments and many more.

The campaign is designed around raising the detection rate in the earliest stages of breast cancer amongst younger women, who may not be aware of the warning signs. Despite the initial laugh factor of the approach, this is actually a fantastic campaign well worth the support. So remember ladies, show your boobs some TLC.


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