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No Classic Deathmatch Experience In Rage

No Classic Deathmatch Experience In Rage

by Tom BearshawAugust 12, 2011

As the creators of the online deathmatch which so many online gamers are accustomed to, it would be assumed that id would be continuing with this style of online play. However, they are going in a different direction with the multiplayer in the upcoming game , which now involves vehicles. Tim Willits, id’s Creative Director, had this to say about multiplayer;

“Rage has a unique multiplayer experience that is not your standard on-foot deathmatch, which is something that we invented”

“We feel the vehicle aspect of it is a lot of fun to drive, to shoot guys, to fight so we wanted to let people do that with their friends”

This news won’t be well received by those who simply can’t wait until Doom 4 to play the classic id deathmatch, but fear not, Rage will have a co-op mode called Legends Of The Wasteland.

“You know, everyone likes to shoot things with their friends so we have the co-op element in Rage as well. We feel that it has a very strong offering and that it’s ok to do something different, since we actually invented it [deathmatch].”

It does seem as though Mr.Willits likes to remind people that id created the deathmatch which every gamer knows and loves, but the new vehicular based online mode could end up being similar to Twisted Metal. This may be a good thing, but seeing as Twisted Metal is a game completely based around causing carnage in vehicles, it may just better the online in Rage, purely because it fully focuses on vehicles. Of course, this is just speculation, because the new online mode in Rage could be outstanding.

Set for release in North America on October 4th, so far Rage is looking as if it could be brilliant. Check out the latest trailer.

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