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PC Move Support

PC Move Support

by GeorgeFebruary 1, 2011

According to information from the Playstation Move GDC panel, Sony is set to reveal PC support for their Playstation 3 motion sensor technology. Apparently it will be presented in the form of something known as “Move Server” which will allow third party programmers to create their own applications which use the technology. The official synopsis reads.

“The Move Server program will will make it possible for academics and hobbyists to develop software using the PlayStation Move controller on their own PCs.”

Rival technology such as Microsoft’s Kinect has already seen hacks that make it compatible with the PC, but this move will be a completely official one and will inspire programmers to legally expand the potential of the Move hardware. The panel is to be hosted by SCEA’s senior developer support engineer John McCutchan on March 2nd. Let us know what kind of Move applications you would love to see in the comment area.

All credit to The Koalition for this.

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