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Call Of Duty: Black Ops First Strike DLC

by on January 19, 2011
Remember when Treyarch said they would be releasing their first ; not patches, but full actual ? Well to prove true to their word, they released a today for the first in their promised line of DLC, appropriately titled First Strike. First Strike will be available on the on February 1st for 1200 Points. It comes complete with four new multiplayer maps including Berlin Wall, Discovery, Stadium and Kowloon, and a new map called ( just can’t catch a break!).

The video shows Dan Bunting, Treyarch Online Director and Josh Olin, Treyarch Community Manager talking about each of the five new levels, enjoy:

There’s no word as of yet whether First Strike will be available for the or , though Gamesradar states that the DLC will be exclusive to the 360 for only a month. If you’re wondering why this is the case, allow me to refresh your memory.