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Bioware And Sony Making Mass Effect 2 Available On PSN Along Side Retail

by on January 14, 2011

Well with the ability to shop online, laziness is reaching all time highs. With that in mind, Bioware and Sony are making available for download on the the same day as retail release.

Various advertisements on the storefront have been circulating as of late but it was confirmed by Bioware themselves on the Playstation Blog. With the PS3 version, gamers will get all the that owners had to fork over for minus the online network that came with every new retail copy.

But the biggest splash Sony is making with the Mass Effect 2 being on the PSN, is that it will come out before it being on the Xbox on Demand on the dashboard.

No price point has been given for the digital version but it should be in line with the $59.99 retail price.

Mass Effect 2 for the Sony PS3 and PSN will release next Tuesday, January 18th.

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