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GDC 2010: New Red Faction title expected in March 2011

GDC 2010: New Red Faction title expected in March 2011

by Charles PowersMarch 12, 2010

Red Faction Guerrilla was a big hit amongst the gaming community due to its fully destructible environments and open world exploring. However it didn’t quite live up to the sales numbers THQ expected. Therefore the next installment in the Red Faction franchise will move back in a more familiar direction.

Speaking to Joystiq at GDC 2010, THQ’s executive VP of Core Games Danny Bilson revealed a few details on the next Red Faction game. Instead of roaming around the surface of a planet, the next Red Faction will mostly take place underground. It will borrow atmospheres from the first couple Red Faction games as well as Red Faction Guerrilla. It will still have destructible environments, but this time destroying things will have a greater effect when done in crowded spaces.

Bilson also said the story will be more structured and will have a more traditional narrative style for third person shooters.

Via [Joystiq] Read [CVG]

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